19 May 2004

(very) brief hiatus

Lest you fret, I wanted to let you know, Gentle Readers (yes, both of you), that I will be away for a few days.

I plan spend the next several days doing some sorely needed napping / nothing on the beach and hiking / camping / reading in the woods of Michigan. I've got a few books -- including The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (finally!) -- to read, my tent and bathing suit, and... well, that's about it, really. No cell phone. No computer. *Maybe* a radio.

It's prob'ly a little pathetic how much I am looking forward to this, but I really do recharge after a few days of nothingness under blue skies and leafy trees. Hmm... I hope the weather is nice. I should probably check on that... Let's see...

Woo-hoo! According to the forecast, I can anticipate "scattered strong storms" but a high of 84.


Well, as long as I can spend the majority of the day outside of the tent, I don't mind being sequestered in the tent with a book for *part* of the time. I guess if it's really bad I can find somewhere to hang. (Rats. The Cook Nuclear Power Plant is no longer open to drop-in visitors. That's kinda sad.) Whatever. I'll find a winery or something.

Catch y'all when I return.

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