01 September 2004

Ex*cuse* me?

I got an e-mail from my friend, Pam, last night alerting me to a letter in this month's issue of Esquire. Apparently, "Answer Fella stood up for men everywhere in July (Man at His Best) when he counseled a reader to ignore his wife's sartorial harping." In September's issue (page 50),a reader wrote in to say, "Hey, AF. I like your advice generally, but don't you think you might be awfully misogynistic, referring to a guy's wife as a shrew and ball breaker merely for saying 'you're not fifty yet'?"

The Answer Fella's response?

"The 'guy' who asked for help was a) a librarian and b) twenty-nine years old. Fact A suggests that he's not quite a man in full to begin with...."


In my experience, guybrarians are brilliant and we all know that smart = sexy as hell. (Not to mention that I've known a fair number of male librarians who are pretty damned hot -- and would be no matter *what* their profession!) Maybe if they grabbed their crotches, spit, and hollered at female patrons from across the room ("Hey, Bay-bee! I got your Chaucer right here!") they'd be somehow more "manly?" Ridiculous!

I plan to write to this "Answer Fella" (maybe he is just feeling threatened because librarians -- guys and chicks alike -- are the *real* Answer Folk?) and tell him how wrong he is. I suggest that all of you out there in blogland might consider dropping him a note, too. You can contact him by going here.

Librarians of the world, unite!

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