20 October 2004

98th Birthday of Crockett Johnson

Today is the 98th anniversary of the birth of Crockett Johnson.

Johnson, who was born David Johnson Leisk, was the author and illustrator of many memorable books for children, most notably Harold and the Purple Crayon (and follow-up Harold sagas) and The Carrot Seed, his collaboration with wife Ruth Krauss.

Of The Carrot Seed, Maurice Sendak said: "that perfect picture book, The Carrot Seed (Harper), the granddaddy of all picture books in America, a small revolution of a book that permanently transformed the face of children's book publishing. The Carrot Seed, with not a word or a picture out of place, is dramatic, vivid, precise, concise in every detail. It springs fresh from the real world of children."

Children continue to love The Carrot Seed, Harold, and Crockett Johnson's other works, 59 years after his name first appeared on the cover of a children's book. What a wonderful legacy!

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