27 October 2005


YAY! for our fabulous Chicago White Sox on their World Series Win!

Talked to Jim, my brother in Phoenix, right after the game. He was sad not to be here, but turned his ambulance siren on in solidarity. He said his son has been wearing the Sox shirts I sent him this week. I just sent both kids new t-shirts this past weekend, so we'll make sure they remain Sox fans, even from far away.

Science Boy and I watched the games from home. Last night, he made sure we put on some white socks during the sixth innning. Curiously, they scored shortly thereafter. (Actually, the night before, they were behiond when he realized he wasn't wearing white socks so he changed. The Sox surpassed the Astros soon after, so maybe he's on to something.)

We are not big Party People, but we did walk down to our neighborhood bar to share a quick beer and some celebration there. It was really cool to see so many people so happy and hugging each other. (Plus, our favorite bartended gave me back my moeny once she realized it was us and told us it was on the house.)

So, I'm not really a Cubs fan (though I guess I'd cheer them on if they ever made the series), but there is an article by a Cubs fan in the Trib this morning.

I am rambly, I think. And REALLY tired. (My brother, Wilhelm, called from Vegas around 1:45 this morning. Eek!) Nothing more to say, except:



the boy said...

I think thats the guy who wrote an article last sunday saying not to support the sox if you weren't a sox fan to begin with, especially if you are a cubs fan, and all sox fans are wrong. He said that they deserve to loose. arg.

Miss Katharine said...

I am not a Cubs fan *at all*, but I AM a Chicago fan, so I would cheer, at least a little, for the Cubs if they ever made the series. I mean, I wouldn't go buy a Cubs hat or shirt, but I wouldn't wish them *loss*.

Unless, of course, they were playing the Sox, in which case I would pray for their immediate and utter annihilation.

Of course, the Cubs'll likely never make the series, so I don't really have to worry about it...

I thought it was good of him to write an article about eating crow, though. The Sox played phenomenally and there is no way they "deserved" to lose!