29 July 2006

Bad Blogger!

Okay, first of all, I just spent a while typing in a long explanation about why I have neglected this blog and when I tried to publish, it was *lost*! UGH.

ANYway, the short short story is that I broke my right pinkie finger the Friday before Memorial Day. I finally took a vacation day and Science Boy took me to Hyde Park to see where he grew up. We went to breakfast at Valois and then walked around for a bit. As we were returning to the car, we noticed a police car parked in front of Santiago. I was worried that maybe our meter was expired and we'd get a ticket, so I ran to check.

And tripped over my own sandals.

And fell.


When I raised my head, i noticed that my right knee was all ripped up and that my right pinkie finger was at a very bad angle. Without thinking, I yanked it straight. Science Boy helped me up and suggested we go to the hospital. i did NOT want to, but he never listens to me, so instead of spending the afternoon at MSI, we spent it at the hospital.

I got a cast and, later, a brace. Typing (and many other things) were a serious pain in the ass with my hand wrapped up, which is the my official excuse for not keeping up here. Now it is 8 weeks later and it still isn't quite right, but I can type easier again, so I will try to be better about keeping up.

(Actually, my day off was still lovely. Despite the afternoon in the hospital, we had fun. I have a friend who works there and came to hang out with us. And after we left the hospital, Science Boy took me to the gorgeous Japanese gardens, and then for a walk around the Point.)

Thanks to my friends and readers who have written to ask if I was okay and ask about the blog. I will try not to leave for so long again. At least not without explanation.

Be well, all.


kitchen hand said...

Welcome back.

Clare said...

Ah....I was wondering. I thought the summer heat had deadened your want to blog. I am glad to see you back as well!