03 September 2006

Comfort Reading

Science Boy and I are watching a heartbreaking documentary on Hurricane Katrina. Even among all the tragedy, my favorite Camus passage (from The Plague)comes to mind. pehaps I have blogged it before, but I feel a need to repeat it again, like a mantra:

Dr. Rieux resolved to compile this chronicle, so that he should not be one of those who hold their peace but should bear witness in favor of those plague-stricken people. . . and to state quite simply what we learn in a time of pestilence: that there are more things to admire in men than to despise.

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Shannon said...

Hey! Speaking of Camus and first dates... I gave Mr. Dwayne (my nephew Josh used to call him that...so cute, "Hi, Mr. Dwayne!") a few Camus quotations, typed out and cut up on our 3rd date. Coool. I'll have to learn more about Moldarama. There is always something new and cool in the world, isn't there?
Yes, there is.