09 October 2006

*HOW* many??

So, here I am, trying to decide if 3 jalapenos are too many for the delicious Mexican-Style Chicken Lime Soup I am making for dinner or if two will do and this fool's gulping down 247 jalapenos. 247!!! It's madness, I tell you!


Clare said...

Oooh! That looks fabulous. I save how much garlic was in it and I wanted to make it right now (even though it is 10pm). Oh - and I would go with only 2, but that's because I'm a "better safe than sorry" person.

Miss Katharine said...

I ended up using all three. BUT, I took the seeds out, so it wasn't too hot. In fact, Science Boy tells me I have to either stir some seeds in next time or at least save them for him.