25 December 2006

Sad news: RIP James Brown

James Brown, the Godfather of Soul, died this morning at the age of 73. There is a nice obituary here.

I was a little surprised at how sad this made me this morning. Science Boy and I saw a screening of The TAMI Show a few months back. When James Brown came on, he electrified his audience and that little theater we were in. At the end of his performance, everyone in the theater burst into applause and James Brown got a standing ovation, some 41 years and many miles from that original performance.

Our local R&B station has been playing interviews, old and new, and lots of music. I will listen to his music and I think I will read Mr. Chickee's Funny Money by Christopher Paul Curtis and imagine that James Brown *is* the face on the extremely rare, government-denied quadrillion dollar bill...

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