01 March 2007

Some (potentially) great new movies coming...

(... or, with really bad luck, films that will make those of us who love books quite unhappy!)

I am eagerly awaiting The Golden Compass, based of the first book in Philip Pullman's incomparably amazing His Dark Materials series. It isn't due in theaters until December 2007, but that's okay. It gives me plenty of time to re-read the series before I go see the film. And, yes. Even though Science Boy and I have been too tired to go see any movies for a long while, I *will* be going to the show for this one! No trailer yet, but I have high hopes (although I fully expect the religious aspects of the story to be sanitized to make it more palatable to the mainstream audience the film hopes to attract.

Also coming soon... Inkheart, based on the eponymous novel by that brilliant German, Cornelia Funke! Can I just say on thing? I LOVE THAT BOOK!!! And, really - what book lover wouldn't love a book wherein characters can leave their books and live in our world? (Although, for those of you who have not read this yet, I should offer the caveat that this is not the wonderful thinkg it might seem to be.) I always give copies of the book as prizes in work programs. Usually the kids want nothing to do with it at first -- it's a long book! -- but by the time I finish giving them a summary, they're arguing over who gets to have it. (Oh! And surfing about a bit just told me that she has finished the manuscript of the third book, although it will likely be another year before it is available.)

I don't know if either of these films will be good. No doubt they will disappoint at least a smidge after living in my imagination for a while. However, i have high hopes. I hope they are FABULOUS and bring many more children (and adult) readers to the books which are, without a doubt, some of the best books around.


Yasamin said...

hello hello!

just a quick question... do you only post once a month? just curious really.

and i had no idea they were making a movie of the golden compass... huh.

Miss Katharine said...

Well, lately it seems I've only been posting once a month or so, sad to say. BUT, I used to post googobs more. I have been meaning to get back on track and I have to say -- you may have shamed me into it!

Alex Richards said...

Very excited about Inkheart. And the cast looks great. When's it coming out?

Miss Katharine said...

The tentative release date is March 19, 2008, so there's still a ways to wait. then again, at least they won't be rushing through it. With time and care, this could be a fantabulous film!