10 December 2007

How does one type a squeal of anticipation?

Okay, so Science Boy and I went to see The Golden Compass on Friday night. More on that later, if I can wrangle the time.

BUT... They showed, like, 57 commercials and previews before the film. Finally I leaned over and whispered to SB, "Y'know, I want to see a preview of Inkheart so badly and this would be the perfect film to them to show it before!"

No sooner had the words left my mouth, then...

I must have given a little yelp of excitement, because SB told me to settle down and I noticed a glare or two from our neighbors. But I don't care! Finally, a peek!

It looks good. Dustfinger, in particular, looks perfect to me and it seems there may be just a touch of humor, which is often a good thing. No release date given, just "Coming Soon."

If you want to see a preview of Inkheart, click here.

And, even better: Inkdeath will be coming in the Spring. Calloo, Callay!


Erinello said...

I can't wait for that movie! Thanks for posting the link!

Boojum said...

Wait... so How was the golden compass? I heard it was a financial flop, but not a bad movie.