14 May 2008


Science Boy and I have been using the crockpot more often in the past few months. (Or, rather, I have been using the crockpot and he has been happily eating the results!) Gram even gave us hers when she found out I use it since she says she hasn't used it in 20 years. Still works great!

I love the way the house smells delicious when I get home from work and how lovely it is to have dinner ready to go.

While doing a random search, I came across the fantabulous Crockpot Lady's blog. She has resolved to use her crockpot Every. Single. Day. Wow. Looks like she has lots of great ideas and recipes. I think I {heart} her!

1 comment:

Clare said...

Crockpots are indeed a blessing from the heavens!

It is good to see you back blogging!! :]