07 April 2010

No Excuses

I have no excuses for how woefully remiss I have been about blogging - unless you count exhaustion, some mild depression and too much time at work vallid! It probably doesn't help that Facebook makes it ever so easy to post articles, which I do often. The downside of that is that I usually post the link to the article and that's it. Often I offer no commentary or anything.

I hate to make promises to start posting here again; I have broken those before. Hell, I don't even know if anyone is even still reading! But I am going to try. I've really missed my musings here. I have things to say. Right now, I am really interested in helping children (and their adults) live healthier lives through incorporating health messages into literacy based programming, the "no excuses" brand of school reform (particularly in low-income communities) I have been reading about, and marijuana policy reform. Let's see if I can get my act together enough to start writing again...

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