28 January 2013

Only 3 More Hours!

Soon, the 2013 ALA Youth Media Awards will be announced. Squee! It's always an exciting day for those of us who love books for young people.

Instead of typing out all the award descriptions again, I will refer you to last year's post describing the awards.

Since 2004, I have done my very best to blog the winners of the ALA Youth Media Awards as soon as they're announced. This year, I have a tornado of a toddler running about, but I will still do my best. I do promise that all the awards will be posted on this blog before nightfall at the very latest (honestly, though, I think I canget it done pretty quickly).

I rarely hasten a guess at who might win (since I am terrible at that game), but I feel so sure that the amazing Wonder by R.J. Palacio will win the Newbery and that The Fault in Our Stars is pretty much a lock for the Printz Award. No clue as to the Caldecott. (And I hope I haven't jinxed the other two by speaking their names aloud!)

So, less than 3 hours now until the awards begin. Stay tuned.

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