14 March 2005

I *knew* it!

There's scientific proof now for something that (as the eldest child) I have long suspected:

Older Siblings Are Smarter


The findings of this study will be published in the Quarterly Journal of Economics in May. In the meantime, I am off to e-mail the story to my brothers...


Ian T. said...

I'm sure I wrote something here about Frank Sulloway's Born to Rebel, but it's vanished...

Miss Katharine said...


You probably *did* leave a comment. The problem is, I was using Comment This!, which recently vanished into the internet ether, along with many of the wonderful comments I have received. It was a great loss, since I love getting feedback from people, but there's nothing to be done about it. I am now using Blogger's built-in comment feature (which was not available when I began the blog), so no future messages should be lost.

I appreciate your comments. Feel free to repost anout Born to Rebel.


Miss Katharine