10 August 2005


I have been putting off posting until I could figure out why my formatting suddenly changed and could fix it. But I CAN'T FIGURE IT OUT! I have tried a bunch o' stuff, including e-mailing blogger (which, for the first time ever, was NO help at all)... I do not know WHAT else to do. If anyone is still reading this and can me me some advice on how to fix the blog's formatting, please send me an e-mail!



kitchen hand said...

No solution, sorry - but some other bloggers such as Dr Alice seem to have the same problem. Doesn't matter to me, I just scroll down.

Like turning those first few blank pages in a book.

Ian T. said...

The problem's in your template as far as I can see - your listy things on the right have gotten ahead of your blogposts somehow (they're what's holding your messages down) - look under "View" and "Source" to see what I mean, then compare to some other Bloggers.

That's my best guess anyway :).

Miss Katharine said...

Thanks to both of you for responding to this. I haven't had any free time to look at it yet, but I plan to make time in the next week or so. The thing that confuses me is that I didn't *change* my template at all and it always worked fine until one day when it didn't. What really puzzles me is what caused this glitch to kick in in the first place.

Ah... The joys of blogging!

jon said...
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