31 August 2005

The world is too much with me now

Science Boy and I watched the news coverage of New Orleans this morning. It's too heartbreaking to comprehend. He has friends there and loves New Orleans. I have always wanted to go and, in fact, had hoped to get married in Pirate's Alley some one day.

PLUS, what about the de Grummond Library's irreplacable collection of children's literature treasures? Has it all been destroyed? And what of all the other libraries all over the south? Children whose homes were literally washed away will not even be able to turn to the comfort of Curious George or Madeline?

That news was followed by word of a devastating crash near my former home and news of the hundreds of people killed in Iraq today.

Wordsworth wrote, "The world is too much with us," and that's how I feel today. Too much sorrow abounding.

I will think of something happy and will post again later.

Wishing peace and love to all.

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