01 May 2007

Forget the Wii!

Okay, so Science Boy and I were excited to get the Wii, finally. I love that I can get a good workout and practice boxing while playing a video game. Way cool.


How can the Wii compare to the newest video game out there? Yahoo reports:

While zapping enemy spaceships players have to help recover the stolen text of Romeo and Juliet by memorizing lines from the famous play, learning facts about Shakespeare's life and devising synonyms and homonyms for parts of the text.

Read the whole story here.

ACTually, I know I sounded kinda smart-ass up above, but I really do think this is a rockin' cool idea. I would definitely like to try it. If they could just incorporate physical movement, this might well be the perfect video game!

1 comment:

Clare said...

Maybe they could make it like an Indiana Jones action game. You could have to jump/run/duck in addition to answering questions in order to get through obstacles to recover the text(s). I would be all about the dive roll (with a mat of course...).