21 March 2011

28 Weeks

How Far Along?

28 weeks yesterday. Only 83 days (or so) to go!

Appts coming up?
I failed the 1-hour glucose screen, so I am going to take the 3-hour test tomorrow. I am trying to not worry about it; I have heard that many women who fail the 1-hour pass the 3-hour, so that's my hope. Whatever happens, I'll do what I need to to keep Tex healthy.

Thoughts about where you're at in your pregnancy?
Kind of surreal. I know, logically, that we have less than three months. But it still seems like forever away sometimes.

What are you working on?
Finally made an appointment to talk to a pediatrician. Otherwise, same as last week: Figuring out when we will have the nursery painted and what needs to be done before then (i.e., moving the cat's litter box, switching dressers, finding a new home for the desktop computer...). Really want to have it painted before our "friends/couples" shower on April 10, which will be held at the house.

Complaints or worries?
Tiny bit concerned about the possibility of gestational diabetes, but tryng to stay Zen about it. Not much else to worry about in terms of Baby. Oh, but it has been frustrating to try to find maternity clothes. Old Navy has some dresses on their website but not much in the stores. I just want a few sundresses and full-panel skirts without spending too much money. Ugh.

Have been staying away from candy in the lead-up to the three-hour glucose screen, so I would love a little bit of chocolate.

Happy moments/blessings?
Dinner with A Friday night. Visit with Gram Saturday. TIme spent with my sweetie pie nieces Wednesday and Thursday. HUGE savings at Borders (including The Help on unabridged audio for $5.99 - Squee!). Bought Kristen's shower gift. Puppy is recovering well from surgery. E-chatting with Robinista... Lots of good in my life.

Any fun things coming up?
Still need to get to CPL this to renew my library card. Going for elective 3D ultrasound on Friday (yay!). I feel like there is more going on this week, but my brain is tired. ;)

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