15 August 2013

Slightly uncomfortable credit claiming

I have recently had a very cool quote appear on my Facebook feed a number of times. Various parenting sites are reposting the picture and it always gets a number of shares and "likes," thus helping it spread more.
Everytime I see it, I smile, but I am every so slightly unnerved, too. Why? Because this is my work, uncredited, and appearing in a number of places. I cannot lay claim to the words - I read this quote and loved it somewhere else. However, I did choose the colors, design, and layout that appear on my facebook feed with some regularity. I worked on it for a while before I was satisfied with the look. I love it. The picture I posted above is the one I pinned of the finished product -- printed, framed, and hanging in my home.
Where I guess I went wrong is posting the original artwork to a "share" site on Shutterfly. I gave the link to a few people and it was shared and, about 18 months later, it seems to be everywhere.
Mostly, I think it's pretty awesome that people like the design. A teeny part of me wishes I had included a statement of credit on the bottom of the original art, just so people know that I made this. After another friend shared that this was on her feed tonight, I decided to blog about it so there's at least some record somewhere, even if I am the only one who knows or cares.
(And, I guess since it's already been shared in so many places by so many people, there is no harm in sharing the original link to the artwork with my Readers.

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