22 July 2014

once again...

...I've fallen far behind on my blog and, once again, I have an excuse:

Meet Penelope Grace. Poppy. Of course, she's been here since January and has grown a smidge by now:

She's pretty amazing but, if I thought life was crazy with a toddler, life with a toddler and a newbie is even more so.

I'm going to try to be back, though I honestly don't know what direction the blog will take. Will I continue to review books? Post baby pictures and talks of being a Mama? Share recipes or crafts? Weigh in on matters political that have meaning to me? Yes to all of those things.

Expect eclecticism.

1 comment:

Not Your Mama's Martha! said...

How exciting, congratulations she's beautiful!!! I sure have missed your updates and really hope you are back for good this time :)