25 August 2004

Birthday Wishes

Two of my favorite people in the world of Children's Literature share a birthday today.

First up, happy birthday to Lane Smith who, until recently, illustrated the Time Warp Trio books. (By the way? What's up with that? Did he and Jon break up? Huh.) He also created several books on his own. I am partial to The Happy Hocky Family. "I have a balloon! Do you have a balloon? I have a balloon!"

Today is also the birthday of Olivia's daddy, Ian Falconer. I have to admit that, when Olivia appeared, I wasn't the biggest fan. In my mind, she was a pale porcine imitation of Eloise. My best friend heard such an opinion as blasphemy, however, so I gave the pig another chance.

And loved her.

Here's wishing both of these gentlemen a most productive year ahead!

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