25 August 2004

"Makes You Wanna Stop and Read a Book"

Bob Dylan "will shed light on his life and four-decade career as a singer-songwriter in a memoir to be published this autumn." Read the rest.

By the way, I saw Dylan perform with Willie Nelson in South Bend Sunday past. Amazing show. First of all, I was able to get super close to the stage. Secondly... Well, Dylan, man! I was struck, though, by the contrast between him amd Willie. Willie was all casual -- sleeveless t-shirt, jeans, long, loose hair, waving to the crowd, tossing out bandanas... Bob was customarily formal -- a suit, recorded introduction, played a helluva show, but no real interaction with the crowd. One gets the sense that he is just a more private, even shyer person that many musicians... If you have a chance to catch the one of the minor league ballpark shows these gents are playing, go!

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