02 August 2004

excuses, excuses

The last few weeks have been some kind of hectic!

Summer reading club to do, library concerts to organize, grants to finish... Actually, this last one was the main portion on my plate, as I completed a pretty major grant (with some help, of course) last week. I don't want to say too much until I have heard one way or another, but it was a lot of work. Lots of extra hours spent at work (and working at home) contributed to the lack o' bloggy goodness here.

Prob'ly won't get much better in the next week or so, neither. Tomorrow, I leave for the second part of Synergy, come home late Thursday, Friday night we have the last of our summer concerts, and Saturday night, I have volunteered to work overnight (7p to 7a) at a teen lock-in at a neighboring library.

On the plus side, I actually took the time to go out last Thursday. (What a sad commentary on my lack o' social life as of late that one night out is such a boon!) My friend, Frank, and his cool girlfriend, had a chance to dj at Club Foot, so my cousin and I headed there. I'm not usually big on the party, but I'm glad we went. When we got there, Beth tried to convince me that the bouncer was flirting with me but -- even though I can be slightly, um... stoopid about boys -- she was just being kind. (Or not. He wasn't all that. Bitch.)

While I'm pretty convinced I was, by far, the biggest geek there, it was a good time. We just hung out, had a few beers, chatted with some pals. (Pals who kindly refrained from mocking me when I realized that I was ranting on Ray Bradbury.)

After Club Foot closed, a friend joined us as we attempted to go fountaining in Millennium Park.

Apparently, Millennium Park closes at 11pm. We didn't know, cranky security guard! I swear! We were very polite to her, but she called back-up anyway, even though we watched quietly from the sidewalk of Michigan Ave...

Watching the fountain, though, however lovely, made me need to find a restroom (and why does Chicago not have public restrooms available in the middle of the night?), so we headed to Greektown. Fairly tastylicious (and clean bathrooms, natch). We took our friend back to his car, and then back to Beth's apartment to get mine own car.

On the way home, though, I was totally freaked out. I kept hearing a loud Thump! coming from my trunk area. Eek! I had accidentally left the back door unlocked, so I was trying not to have seriously ridiculous thoughts of bad things in my trunk. When I got home, I was too jumpy to check, so I just left it and went in.

The next morning, I made The Boy look with me. Nothing. Thank the gods. I swear that I heard the noise, though, the whole way home. Maybe it was a friendly beastie guiding me home...

ANYway, ended up getting home around 5am, straight to bed, back at work by 11am the next day, worked 'til 9p, then grocery shopping. I think I am too old.


I'll be away for a few days, but I'll try to get some sleep and get back to more regular blogging upon mine return. (Good stuff, not this boring personal life crap.)

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