26 October 2007

Help Kelvyn Park win BIG!

Hi! One Chicago Park District Park has the chance to win $25,000 for park improvements. There are 14 parks competing for this prize. To vote, please go to http://www.staplesdreampark.com/.

I have worked with several of the parks competing for this awesome opportunity and I would ask that, unless you already have a strong preference for a particular park, you consider voting for KELVYN PARK. The staff at Kelvyn is very responsible and dedicated and makes sure children and their parents are actively engaged in programs. They have been a joy to work with and would no doubt do great things for their community if awarded this prize .


Clare said...

I tried to vote, but apparently people who are not from Chicago cannot vote. *frowns* I did attempt though.

Miss Katharine said...

Well, thanks for trying anyway! If you know anyone who lives in Chicago, please pass this on to them! :-)