12 October 2007

I need to vent

Tonight, on my way home from the train, I was mugged.

A guy ran up behind me, grabbed my collar, and stuck something in my neck and told me to give him my money. I told him to hold on and opened my tote bag to get my wallet. He told me to get it quick or "I'll blow your fucking head off, Bitch." I told him hold on and he told me just give him the purse, so I did.

He ran across the street and started to look through the purse. (It looked like he didn't have a gun at all and was using his fingers; not that it was worth taking a chance over.) THEN, like, 3 seconds later, another guy came and told me to give him my money. I said, "I just gave your friend all my money, dumbass!" (In retrospect, probably not the smartest thing to say.) He stuck his hand in my jeans pocket (ick!) and said "What do you got in here?" I grabbed my lighter out and said, "I Have a lighter. Do you want that?" Guess not.

He reached for the other pocket. I said, "Those are just my car keys and my boyfriend has the car at work, so it won't do you any good." He took off, joined his friend, and ran down the street. They turned down my street. Those punks probably live on my block! Luckily, my phone was in my back pocket, so I called 911.

A man and woman came from across another block and waited with me until the police came. I am just so angry! This is my neighborhood, too, and I don't want to be scared walking home!

They got my license, credit card (already cancelled), debit card, checkbook, a check my Ma gave me for my birthday, makeup bag, hand lotion, $16, some receipts, and a John Legend iTunes card from Starbucks. Our new address is on the checks, but we have ADT security, so I think we'll be fine. Science Boy works nights and isn't home until close to midnight most nights.I am still shaking. (This happened at 7:52pm CST.)

And, while a part of me is scared, the overwhelming emotion is anger. Our neighborhood is considered kind of "bad," but that is mostly because it is fairly poor and predominently Black. (Racism is alive and well in Chicago.) People have been friendly and kind. My experiences have been overwhelmingly good. (For example, the man and woman who came and waited with me until the police came were kind.)

I don't want to revise that opinion because of two teenage punks. And I am angry at them for perpetuating the stereotype of young Black men being thugs. I have met many, many young Black men in much poorer neighborhoods than this who have been decent. My hope is that they are caught (I was able to give the police a decent description of height and what they were wearing) and get in huge trouble and that it is worth the damned $16 to them. And, now... I don't get home until dark most nights. There is no other way to get home. I will have to continue to walk in the dark. I walk down a main, well-lit street, but clearly that didn't do me any good tonight. What do I do? How do I make myself safer?

DAMN IT! What is wrong with people?!? How do you rob your neighbors?


Erinello said...

Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry that happened to you! You know, I hope they do see you occasionally in the neighborhood and realize that you live there and you're a wonderful, kind person, and feel really bad about what they did. That's always my biggest hope when I punish my students. It's not so much about the punishment, but I really want them to feel remorse. So I will pray for you tonight- that you feel safe in your neighborhood, and that those guys regret what they did.

Miss Katharine said...

You are a nicer person than I am. I would love them to feel remorse, but I also want them to be caught and punished. I want them to have to face the women who raised them and be unable to meet their eyes because of shame. I want them to think about how they would feel if someone mugged their mother or grandmother or baby sister. Mostly, I want this world to be safer for women so we don't have to fear for our safety walking down the streets where we live.

Clare said...

Oh Miss Katharine! Reading your entry was like reading my worst fear. I am so glad you are safe though and I have the same hopes for those young men as you do. Such acts should not go unpunished. And still - I am glad to know that you weren't physically harmed.