25 April 2011


How Far Along?

If I was smiling and my
hair didn't look like a
serial killer's, this would be
a nice picture of my Bump
at 33 weeks!
33 weeks and 1 days. Only (approximately) 49 days to go.

Appts coming up?
All my appointments are scheduled through the due date now - and there are only about 3 "regular" visits left. Eee! Also, because of my "advanced maternal age" (ugh), I have to go in twice a week from here on out to have a fetal non-stress test (NST). SIGH. According to the doctor, I am perfectly healthy and so is Baby - there are no risk factors except that I am 37 years old. Pain in the ass to go twice a week, but at least I can hear Tex's heartbeat more, which is cool.

Thoughts about where you're at in your pregnancy?
Have enjoyed almost every bit of the pregnancy (except the occaisional mild heartburn and hormonal tears ;). From the stories I hear from other mamas and mamas- to-be, I realize how extraordinarily blessed I am that this has been a really easy, pleasant pregnancy. Can't wait to meet our new little person, but will kinda miss the being pregnant part.

What are you working on?
Bugging my Sweetheart about when the room will be painted (but not today; it's his birthday and he gets a pass today).

Complaints or worries?
Wish our completion coupons from Target and Babies R Us would arrive so we could get the last few items we need. Also wish it was easier for my Sweetheart to feel Tex kicking. I have an anterior placenta, which provides an extra layer between the Baby and my skin, so it's not quite as easy to feel from the outside.

Grapefruit or orange juice. Could have finished the bottle this morning, but made myself stop after two servings (too much sugar).

Happy moments/blessings?
Even though I know it sounds super sappy, every morning when I wake up next to my Sweetheart, I realize that my life is basically a series of one blessing after another (with a few sour notes thrown in from time to make the good stuff even sweeter). I am so in love with him (even when he ticks me off - rare, but not completely unheard of) and I feel so lucky to be sharing a life with him. Even more lucky that we will be adding a new little person to our family soon. He is going to be a great Dad!

It's been a decent week . Last Sunday we had lunch with some fabulous friends at Flossmoor Station. Lots of laughter and great food. Birthday visit with Barbara and Lily on Tuesday night. Dinner at India House with Marquinta Wednesday - I really love her and miss seeing her on a more regular basis. Also had a visit from Payton and Brooke-Lynn at the shop on Wednesday. Payton asked me if I will teach her how to drive a car and I promised that I will, when she is a more grown-up girl. She told me, "I'm growing up, Kat," and asked me to explain the steering wheel and how it works. So, of course, I did.

Finished returning duplicate gifts to Babies R Us, where they were very nice and gave us lots of store credit. Picked up an extra swing Saturday night. We already had 3 - the one from the registry, a hand me down and a third one we ended up returning because we figured we didn't need three - BUT... I was alerted to a ridiculous deal by some of the lovely ladies on The Bump and picked up a Fisher Price 2-in-1 Cradle Swing for $4.99 at Target. Seriously. For $5, I figure we can take it to one of the grandparents' homes or maybe keep it at the coffee shop.

My Sweetheart's birthday cake - a record
album for the Music Lover I married.
 Easter Brunch with Mom and Dad H at Northwoods yesterday and then the family came over to sing "Happy Birthday" to my Sweetheart and share cake with us. Enjoyed talking to my auntie, mother-in-law and stepmother about Baby stuff - including showing them the new fangled cloth diapers we have (although I still cling to the familiarity of old-school prefolds).

Any fun things coming up?
It's my Sweetheart's birthday today (Happy Day, my Love!) so we had a lovely late breakfast and will go out to dinner somewhere tonight (he still hasn't decided where he wants to go). I plan to go to CPL for the Kraft Great Kids finale program either tomorrow or Wednesday night. Want to visit Gram one day. Hoping for a slightly calmer week with more sleep.

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