05 April 2011

Less than 10 weeks to go!

Eee! Only 69 days until Tex is due to join us! It's been crazy busy around here and I'm afraid these last weeks are going to fly by. I cannot wait to meet the new little person who will be joining our family, but I have also loved being pregnant (minus the exhaustion)...

After much debate and discussion, we went and had a 3D ultrasound at 28w5d. At first, the Baby was sound asleep, arm across his/her face (just like Daddy!). The technician was super nice. She gave me some cold orange juice and fruit snacks (I guess sometimes the sugar/cold will wake a sleeping Baby) and told us to go for a walk. When we got back, the Baby was awake and we saw pictures of our child looking a lot like an actual Baby. It was pretty amazing. My Sweetheart had been hesitant about going, but I watched him watching the screen and he was just transfixed.

I also found out that I passed the 3-hour glucose tolerance test after failing the 1-hour. Woo-hoo! Can I just say again that I am very aware of how lucky I have been at the ease of this pregnancy? It's been pretty amazing and stress-free. If the Baby is half as well-behaved after he/she is here, it will be a miracle!

We had our first Baby Shower last weekend. My mother-in-law and stepmom co-hosted a fantastic afternoon at Annie's Tea House in Crete. It was really a lovely time spent with family and friends. My Sweetheart came after lunch for some cake and to take pictures while I opened presents. Tex got so much stuff! We're really overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of everyone. My father-in-law came by the house after the shower to help unload the Escape. Right now, everything is still in a huge pile in the dining room. Have to sort and unpack things before next weekend's co-ed shower.

So, on to the "formal" update:

How Far Along?
30 weeks and 2 days. Only (approximately) 68 days to go! Crazy!

Appts coming up?
I have an appointment Friday morning. Now that I am past 30 weeks, appointments are going to be more frequent, I think.

Thoughts about where you're at in your pregnancy?
It's exciting that it's getting so close, but also scary. I had a small panic attack recently about cloth diapering, like what if I hate all the new-fangled easy to use diapers we got, so I registered for old-school prefolds, diaper pins and plastic pants. It's so silly, because I am sure it will be fine, but sometimes I am really scared. What if I forget everything I ever knew about taking care of babies? Will I be a good Mama to Tex when he/she is finally here for real? Eek. I am sure I will - or will try my damnedest, anyway - but it's still been a little nerve-wracking.

What are you working on?
We are doing some research on vaccinations; my Sweetheart is really stressed about making the right choices with vaccines. I HAVE to sort through Tex's swag and start thank you notes before the next shower. After that, we'll figure out what we have doubles of, what we still need, etc. Also have to have the nursery painted and get the room ready  (i.e., move the cat's litter box, switch dressers, find a new home for the desktop computer...). We want to get a few shelves for the room, too. It will be good to be able to put everything away in Tex's room and not have it filling the curio cabinet and dining room floor.

Complaints or worries?
No complaints and I think I covered worries pretty well.

Nope. Less hungry than usual, though.

Happy moments/blessings?
There are SO MANY!  It was nice to see my sister-in-law K at her baby shower last week. She is due 10 days after us. My Sweetheart's sister is due in September. And we just learned of another Baby coming in October. A Baby Boom for sure!

The Shower was amazing and overwhelmingly lovely. I saw a friend who was there when my Sweetheart and I met over 17 years ago and it was fun to catch up with her a bit. Convinced Gram to see an eye specialist, so maybe she will be able to receive the help she needs. Got some Where the Wild Things Are plastic dishes for when the Baby is older and found an excellent birthday gift for my Sweetheart that didn't break the bank. A fantastic visit with the pediatrician. Being married to my Sweetheart and laughing so hard we cry some days. Being very aware of how lucky I am.

Any fun things coming up?
Meeting B and K for dinner Thursday to go over plans for co-ed shower this coming Sunday. Top secret fun stuff Saturday (details next week). The shower Sunday - I am really hopeful I might see a couple of CPl pals and will finally meet some of my Sweetheart's work friends. My baby sister will be around all weekend, too, which rocksStill haven't gotten to CPL this to renew my library card, so need to figure that out (but maybe not tis week). Maybe heading to the bar for a band Saturday night. I feel like there may be more, but that's a pretty good list!


hijoi said...

They will fly by! And for a minute you will think "But I'm (we're) not ready" and then instantly you are. Also wanted to remind you to install the car seat and get it inspected before too much more time goes by. You only learn that the hard way once (as in "Hi. My wife just had our baby and we need to install the car seat. Can we drop by the police station and get it checked?... not for 2 more days?... Um, ok, we'll be there then.")

Miss Katharine said...

I think you're right, Joi! Our insurance has a program where a nurse has called me a few times throughout just to see how I am, answer questions, etc. Yesterday she said we should install the carseat 3-4 weeks before Tex is due. I didn't know about having it inspected, though. Is that a requirement or just something for peace of mind?

hijoi said...

Completely for peace of mind. We had it installed right, but it wasn't tight enough. We did it again when we switched to the convertible car seat. Call the police station or fire station and they will schedule you for a free inspection. Tex may be like Nathaniel and not want to wait to meet Mommy and Daddy.

Miss Katharine said...

Thanks for the tip - I will tell The Boss in Charge of that! :)