20 January 2005


Yahoo! reports that "Julia Roberts, Oprah Winfrey and John Cleese have joined the voice cast for 'Charlotte's Web,' a feature film adaptation of E.B. White's classic children's book."

The casting choices sound fabulous, but look what Hollywood did to Stuart Little... I will now commence praying, "Please don't wreck Charlotte's Web; Please don't wreck Charlotte's Web; Please don't wreck Charlotte's Web..."


Miss Katharine said...

Yeah, I actually didn't care much for the original film of Charlotte's Web. It's been a long time, though. I'd be willing to give it another look. On the other hand, I thought the Chuck Jones adaptation of The Phantom Tollbooth was okay. It's such an amazingly language-rich book that I don't think a film could truly capture it, but they did okay, in my opinion...

Skip, The Middleman said...

Sorry for not answering sooner--I didn't realize you had answered my comment because your latest comment was behind a different click than the other comments for some reason.

Maybe I should give The Phantom Toolbooth movie another shot. I do love Chuck Jones--his autobiography Chuck Amuck is a lot of fun. But the film seemed to me to derive its humor from randomness rather from the specific parodies and wordplay of the original.

I have an annotated edition of Charlotte's Web. Some of the info is interesting, but it definitely is better to read the book straight through without the interruptions.

I also have an LP set of E.B. White reading the book.