17 January 2005

The suspense is killing me...

This is it, folks, the day they announce the winners of the children's book awards at ALA.

I have no guesses (unlike last year), but I wouldn't be a bit surprised to see Kevin Henkes recognized for Kitten's First Full Moon. That's the pick of the Toledo Blade -- and dozens of others:

"Psst … Want a hot literary tip? Here it is: Kitten's First Full Moon (Greenwillow / HarperCollins, $15.99), written and illustrated by Kevin Henkes, is the odds-on favorite to win the Caldecott Medal this year. That's the word from hundreds of librarians, literary experts, and children's book lovers who have spent recent weeks sifting through piles of books and trying to predict the winners of this year's Caldecott and Newbery medals."

It's such a lovely, almost perfect book that it's winning would please me. (My great hope is just that it's easier to find out the winners this year than it was last, when I drove myself and my staff nearly crazy.)

I'll update y'all as soon as I hear anything...

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