01 September 2005

BLOG RELIEF DAY: Louisiana Library Association Disaster Relief Fund

So many libraries -- public, school, and academic -- have been destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. PLEASE consider helping with the rebuilding of these valuable resources!

The Louisiana Library Association (LLA) Disaster Relief Fund is now accepting monetary donations to assist school, public, and academic library restoration efforts in Southeastern Louisiana.

Please make checks payable to: LLA-Disaster Relief and mail to:
421 South 4th St
Eunice, LA 70535

Once you have made a donation, please log that at the Contribution Logging Page. A round-up of all the blogs working on this effort is at Instapundit and a record of the number of participating blogs, total raised, etc. is at The Truth Laid Bear.

If you prefer to give to a different charity, many are listed at the Instapundit page.

Many of us are very lucky to be living in areas not affected by this storm, to know our loved one's are safe. PLEASE, open your hearts and checkbooks and give what you can. Heck, if everyone gave just $1, we'd be in great shape!

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