22 September 2005

Happy Birthday and Woo-hoo!

From BBC News: "The original manuscript of what became Alice in Wonderland has been put online by the British Library using software to virtually turn the pages." Read the rest. Now, check out the awesome awesomeness of the book.

Also, today is the 15th birthday of The Boy. I am so proud of the man he is growing into, and so pleased with all the memories we've made over the years. I remember hanging out with him and reading him Chekov stories when he was just 3 and 4 years old, his love of Lewis Carroll, the first "grown-up" book we read aloud (Farenheit 451), hanging out at the art institute (and always looking for "new" Paul Klee works), discussing politics and our mutual disdain of the current adminstration, and more.

Happy Birthday, Boojum!

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kitchen hand said...

Happy birthday to him - and how lucky he is to have been read to from such a young age!