21 September 2005

Congratulations, gentlemen!

Two of my favorite authors, Norman Mailer and Lawrence Ferlinghetti, are being recognized at the National Book Awards this fall.

"Mailer, 82, is to receive the foundation's medal 'for distinguished contribution to American letters,' while Ferlinghetti will be given a new prize, the Literarian Award for 'outstanding service to the American literary community.'" Read the whole article.

The Gospel According to the Son by Mailer remains one of my favorite books of all time. As for Ferlinghetti, it is difficult to chose just one book or one poem that means the most. I truly love his work. I will, however, say that one of my prize possessions is a postcard I received from him after sending him a letter a few years back. In fact, I made a teeny photocopy of it so I could carry it in my wallet!

Oh! And Why Are We At War? by Mailer, too. And Ferlinghetti's What is Poetry?. And his Pictures of the Gone World, which I have given many copies of as gifts.

Sigh. Seems like such happy news for a dreary morning!

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