02 September 2005

Thank you, Rest of the World

Many countries, including those who aren't that crazy about us (one story reports: "Venezuela — whose elected president Pat Robertson wants to assassinate — offered $1 million from its national petroleum company, as well as emergency aid and heating oil."), have offered to help in the wake of Katrina.

Of course, in his interview yesterday: "Bush said the United States had the resources to cover the massive rebuilding costs, and was not looking for foreign aid. 'I'm not expecting much from foreign nations, because I haven't asked for it. I'm expecting sympathy and maybe some will send cash,' he said."

It has also been reported that Federal Emergency Management Agency chief Mike Brown said, "We can take care of our own people, and we're going to do it." I sincerely hope that doesn't mean we won't welcome aid with open arms and grateful hearts. In my humble opinion, the faster it gets here, the better...

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