03 November 2004

Do you feel sick?

I do. Of course, I have been valiantly fighting the flu or some other kind of illness the past day or so, but I suspect that is not what ails me today...

So, Science Boy and I were up until 4:30 this morning, watching election returns, hoping against hope for the best. Clearly, all our hopes were not enough. Four more years of our very own evil-doer in the White House is a terrifying prospect for me, to say nothing of what this means for the people of America overall. On the radio this morning, they said that it shows that the country is more conservative than it was four years ago. I think that it also shows that people are more disenfranchised -- for all the hoopla about young voters, they didn't go vote in any larger numbers than usual. What can be done to get people to the polls, to inspire us to vote, to make us think of more than just our own interests? Rhetorical questions, all.


I am very glad that I cannot see into the future, because I think whatever the world looks like four years from now may be more scary than I am willing to contemplate right now.

On the plus side, Barack Obama won. I am so convinced that he will be our President one day, and that gives me some measure of hope. Science Boy doubts that the country will be ready to elect an African-American in our lifetimes but I think that he is wrong. I hope that he is wrong. Looking forward to positive, more energizing candidates in the next election (Hillary is another possibility) is all that's gonna work as a salve on this day.

Damn. Damn, damn, damn, damn, damn.

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