20 November 2004


Chris Van Allsburg seems to feel the same way about The Polar Express that I do:

"Did I feel the film was respectful and faithful to the book? Yes. Was it thrilling to behold? Yes. Would I change some things? Yes."

Like what?

He grins. "That's too long a list," he says.

I think I agree. There were lots of things I wasn't wild about, a few that downright bug the heck out of me. Overall, though, I *did* like the film. When I saw it with my best friend and her kids last week, I thought that visually, it is beautiful. I saw it in 3-D with Science Boy last night and it was even more amazing. Also, when we saw it with the kids last week, it held 2-1/2 year old Miss Belle's attention pretty well. When Santa came on screen, she actually gasped in wonder. Pretty good stuff.

Still, the book is ever so much more magical...

Read the rest of the Van Allsburg article.

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