26 May 2005

Being Mrs. Alcott

I recently finished Being Mrs. Alcott by Nancy Geary, due for publication July 1st.

As an admirer of the Alcott family, Bronson in particular, I was drawn, initially, to the title. While -- alas! -- the book is not about the literary clan from Concord or Bronson's long-suffering wife, it was still a compelling read.

Grace Alcott is a 58-year-old woman who has always followed the path of least resistance. Married for many years, she begins to take stock of her life, taking note of her children, her finances, her health, and wondering how things turned out the way they did. It is a quiet book; the language is gentle and flowing. It is also extremely readable. I liked Grace a great deal and, even when I wondered about the choices she made, I understood why she made them and found myself rooting that everything would turn out and that she would be, ultimately, happy in her life.

I haven't read anything else by Nancy Geary, so I am unsure if this book is indicative of her usual style, but if it is, I may well be checking out some of her other books soon.

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