01 May 2005

a quick note

So, a lot's been going on and the blog has not been updated...

In brief, I got a new job. Starting May 9th, I'll be working for a much larger library than any other I have worked for previously. Woo-Hoo!

Of course, that made my last few weeks at the last job crazy, as I rushed to tie up loose ends, finish planning / preparing for Summer Reading Club...

Happily, I have a few days off before the new gig. However, I will also be moving for the job, so I will spend most of that week cleaning, packing, throwing stuff out, etc. I think I am gonna be getting rid of a lot of stuff. As I get ready to move, I have begun to seriously consider which things I actually need and the answer is -- way less than I have! I'm gonna see about selling some of it (especially the Alice in Wonderland collectibles) either though an on-line auction store or on Craig's List. The rest will probably either be thrown out, donated to the Salvation Army, or packed up for a future garage sale (although this is less likely than the first two options).

So, never fear, loyal readers! I shall return, just not for a week or so.

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