26 May 2005

Makes me wanna cry...

"Sherre Sachar comes from a book-loving family. Her father, Louis, is an award-winning author, and the graduating senior thinks that settling down with a good book should be one of life's great joys. But as she prepares to leave high school and head to Cornell University in the fall, she is tired of reading.

"The extensive required reading in her high school classes — including Advanced Placement English Literature, where she flew from one classic to another — left her with no time to pick up books she thought would be fun..."

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This sucks.

Of course, in high school, I just neglected required reading -- unless it was something I *wanted* to read -- and just devoured other books every second of the day. Then again, my high school did not require near the amount of reading that The Boy (now attending the same school) has to do some years later...

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