26 May 2005

Can you imagaine?

Wow! Can you imagine our President handing out books and encouraging the country to read and think? What book would he share? The Very Hungry Caterpillar?

"Derided by some at the time, Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez is playing an Oprah Winfrey-like role in Venezuela, turning the country into one giant book club - and stimulating a fresh appreciation of literary classics..."

"'To be really honest, I suppose some number of those people who lined up to get the book were illiterate, and the others had probably already read the book in high school, like myself,' says Mr. Zambrano, 'but that is part of the genius of this program. It's about being more educated, but it's also about everyone having the right to a library at home. Why should only rich, reading-types have libraries? We are all equal and worthy - that is what Don Quixote and Chávez are trying to tell us.'"

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