19 June 2004

Bradbury is not happy

Apparently, Ray Bradbury is not a happy camper about Michael Moore calling his new film Fahrenheit 9/11.

There are also reports of an interview Bradbury gave to a Swedish daily newspaper (Dagens Nyheter) in which he allegedly called Moore a "screwed a------" and "horrible human being." Strong words.

Interesting, especially as another blog has pointed out Bradbury's own use of other people's words for some of his own work. There is also discussion of this (arguing both sides of the argument) on Bradbury's own website discussion board.

I wonder if Bradbury was paid royalties for the new Harry Potter film marketing, since some of the posters bear the tagline, "Something wicked this way comes"?

It all just seems unfortunate to me, especially since I love and respect Mr. Bradbury and am saddened by this incident, which could serve to make him seem kind of, um... petty.

Whatever Mr. Bradbury's opinion of Moore's politics and film-making (and he doesn't seem to hold Moore in high regard), I have serious doubts about the new film having any detrimental effect on the work and influence of Mr. Bradbury's masterpiece...

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