15 June 2004

Summer Reading Club and stuff

So, grant season is here and Summer Reading Club has finally started and work has gotten even more hectic than usual, hence the lack o' bloggy goodness. On the plus side, though, by the second day of registration, we already have over 90 kids signed up. (I thought that was way low at first, but I guess last year they had just over 100 all summer. Yay, us!)

I will probably never get around to writing what I wanted to about the BookExpo and Printer's Row. Suffice it to say, both rocked. Came home from the expo with an advanced copy of Bucking the Sarge by Christopher Paul Curtis as my prize freebie. It seems to be for a slightly older audience than his other books, but I'm not complaining. Although I seem to keep getting sidetracked, I am enjoying it very much.

At Printer's Row we were able to see Christopher Paul Curtis and hear him read from the new book. Afterwards, The Boy and I got our books signed. Mr. Curtis was very warm and kind and seemed to take the time to chat with everyone who approached him. I took a picture of The Boy with him (which, if I ever finish this roll of film, I will post) and had him sign my copy of the new book.

He teased me for having an "unauthorized" book and then signed it with the words, "I'm such a fan of librarians!" He was even cooler than I had ever imagined and deserves ever last drop of success he is enjoying!

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