10 June 2004

Happy Birthday to the King of All Wild Things!

Warmest wishes to the remarkable Maurice Sendak on this, the 76th anniversary of his birth.

And, a great Sendakian quote: "If there's any advice I have to give, I would say it's that. If you're looking for a way to get closer to your kids, there ain't no better way than to grab 'em and read. And if you put them in front of a computer or a TV, you are abandoning them. You are abandoning them because they are sitting on a couch or a floor and they may be hugging a dog, but they ain't hugging you." (from an interview with Marion Long)

He gives us books that beg to be shared, so let's do our part and read to someone we love! (And, hey, it doesn't have to be a kid! 100 years ago I had a friend in the Army who was stationed in Korea and we would read to each other across the miles via telephone...)

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