30 June 2004

Happy Birthday, David McPhail!

I love David McPhail very much.

A few years ago, I helped organize and run a card catalog auction to earn funds for a children's room. Many authors and celebrities responded graciously, sending pictures, illustated catalog cards and more. David McPhail sent some of the most beautifully illustrated cards, for which I wrote him a personal thank you letter. (Actually, I wrote personal thank yous to all the children's authors/artists who responded. Some were just easier to write than others!)

Imagine my delight and surprise when he responded with another letter, this one including several small watercolors, as well as bits from his scrapbook! We were able to frame some of that artwork for a second, smaller auction, all of which, ultimately, helped us build the children's room.

I cherish the catalog card I "won" at the auction (I got the card for Edward and the Pirates. Woo-hoo!) as well as the small watercolor my Director insisted I keep. I also found that my love for and good-will toward David McPhail was forever assured.

So, Happy Birthday, Mr. McPhail!

(Wow! It's been a rather good month as far as birthdays of children's book authors go!)

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