02 June 2004

What I learned from The Day After Tomorrow

There has been some discussion about the perceived environmental moralizing in The Day After Tomorrow. However, I learned a much more valuable lesson form this summer's disaster hit.

If the world goes haywire and it seems that civilization is ending, the best plan is to go to the public library.

Yes, it may be unavoidable that some books must be burned to keep you alive (although wouldn't the furniture burn more slowly and effectively?), but you can even make that bearable if, for instance, you start with the Tax Code. (And yes, geek that I am, when one character suggested that, I whispered, "336?") Also, be sure to set aside at least one spectacular book (in this case, a Gutenberg Bible) to be saved as a reminder of the Miracle of Literature.

So, to recap: Danger? Get thee to a library!

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