19 April 2007

Film watch: Olympians gone wild...

A film of The Lightening Thief is coming! Woo-hoo! I *love* this book! (Ooh. Hope the movie doesn't suck.) Fot those of you who haven't had the insane pleasure of reading this, Percy Jackson finds out that his father is Posieden. Yes, *that* Posieden. Wackiness and adventure ensues. I am eagerly awaiting book 3 in this series (due out May1) and crossing my fingers that the film version of this book does the books justice.

(Hmm... After my initial excitement, I find that all my glee is dying down with every word I type. Ack.)

update: Eeeeee! My dear friend, colleague, and master procurer of children's books has a review copy of the new book that I can borrow tomorrow! Huzzah!

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