05 April 2007

I dunno whether to be happy or worried...

From Yahoo! today:

The world of Edward Gorey is coming to the big screen for the first time with a live-action feature based on the illustrator-writer's classic tale "The Doubtful Guest."

The project is being developed by Walden Media, the firm behind the "Narnia" franchise, Fox 2000 and the Jim Henson Co. Brad Peyton ("Evelyn: The Cutest Evil Dead Girl") will direct from a script written by Matthew Huffman.

There's a press release on the Henson Company page, too.

This could seriously suck. Or be okay. I would be shocked if it was fabulous.

Wouldn't The Hapless Child make the better film, though, in terms of plot?


Mr. Boojum said...

Live action = Worried

Miss Katharine said...

Henson's Creature Shop = Hopeful