23 April 2007


So, the other day, Science Boy started to ask me why I am not promoting my cafepress store and, know what? I didn't have any answer for him. I mean, I have a few of the shirts I created art for / designed and I always get comments and compliments (especially on the penguin chillin' hoodie). I think they're cute. I worked hard on the art. I would buy them (and have sent a few as gifts to kids I know.) I have more ideas. I just... I dunno. Dropped the ball or something.

So, I guess what I need to do is figure out a way to market this. I think I am going to make flyers to have a friend hand out at her kids' pre-school to start. (This store actually started because she was wishing she could find cute tee shirts for her kids that didn't cost $40 -- and then, after making afew she requested, she keeps "forgetting" to buy them!)

What else? I don't want to spend lots of (or any, really) to promote this right now. So, what can I do? Ideas? ANYone?

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