23 December 2010

Good morning!

I am *so* ready for a nap!

Yesterday was a fairly productive day. My mother-in-law came to pick up the puppy for the afternoon so I could ScotchGuard our new couches and clean all the floors on the first floor. (We are hosting Christmas dinner for my Sweeheart's parents and his cousin and her family.) I also got some dusting done, put an area rug in the front room and washed all the puppy's blankets.

I got tired so quickly! After 4 months of this, you'd think I'd accept that I wear out quicker, but it always suprises me. After all, I am used to being a hard worker who just keeps going until the job is done (or until I just get sick of doing it which, to be honest, has been known to happen). I am proud of how nice everything looks; let's hope it stays that way!

I am making my Tante Frieda's famous Mocha Torte for Christmas Day. It's fairly labor intensive, but worth the effort. Unfortunately, I left the cake in the pan far too long yesterday. When I finally removed it, it cracked. Trying to slice it into layers finished it off. No worries. The cake itself was delicious, so I just cubed it up and put it in the freezer. I'll figure out a trifle or something to make later. As soon as the oven finishes preheating, I will put the second (and final!) attempt in the oven. I work at 9:30am, so I hope to get the laundry and cake done before I have to leave.

The shop has been slow this past few weeks. No dooubt because of the snow and cold and holiday. Dad already warned me that he may send me home early today. I kind of hope not; it's nice to earn some money so I don't have to ask my Sweetheart (he gladly gives, but it is a hard thing for me to get used to). On the other hand, if I get to go home early, maybe I can take a nap. Or even veg out and watch a Christmas movie (which I haven't done once this season!).

And there's the oven, beeping to tell me it's ready. That's my cue, folks. I wish you all a day in which you recognize the good things around you. (That's what I'll be trying to do.)

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