20 December 2010

Holiday Update

Just as they've been for everyone else, the past few weeks have been a flurry of activity here. Actually, it hasn't been that bad; it's just that everything seems to be taking four times as long this year. I blame Tex and how utterly exhausting it is to grow him.

Still, accomplishments have been abundant. Christmas cards were written and sent (and, may I just pause here to say how pleased I am that my Sweetheart wants to sign the, himself and not have me sign for him?). 3 kinds of cookies have been baked and 2 kinds of candies have been made. The Lebkuchen dough is done (though not baked - maybe before work today?). I made seven stollen this year. Gifts have all (but one) been purchased and wrapped. The tree is up and the house decorated. Some decluttering and cleaning has started. All in all, it's been a happy and productive time.

Hard to believe we'll have a small child in the house this time next year. We heard Tex's heartbeat again this past week. It took the doctor a minute to find it - during which thime my Sweetheart says I grew visibly stressed - but, when she did, it was nice and strong. Next appointment isn't for four weeks.

Our insurance - as awesome as it is - doesn't cover a slew of ultrasounds. We saw the baby for the NT scan but won't see him (or her, we don't know for sure) again until the 20 week anatomy scan. It's so weird. I know there's a little person growing in there, but there is no real evidence that all is well since we rarely see him and only hear his heart every four weeks or so. I have gained some weight but, since I was already a little chunky, don't have a cute baby bump. I feel pretty fantastic (apart from exhaustion and occasional moments of lightheadedness). It's the ultimate act of faith, isn't it? We just have to believe that he is continuing to develop the way he should and that all is well.

It's a busy week ahead. I'll be working an extra long day at my parents' coffee shop today. I anticipate being wiped out by the time I get home. I rarely get any kind of break when I am there, though I do try to bring a healthy snack along. I have to make arrangements with my Sweetheart's mom to bring the dog for a visit one day this week so I can Scotchguard our new furniture. Have to bake a cheesecake for Christmas Eve and my Tante Frieda's ridiculously good Mocha Torte for Christmas Day. Have a bunch of cleaning and preparation to do - we are hosting Christmas Dinner and expect between 2 and 8 guests. It will probably end up being about 7 people total (including us), but have to be ready in case we have all 10.

(I wonder if it will be considered rude if I sneak off for a little while on Christmas Day for a nap?)

I still hope to do better with this blog, even if it is just an update on my life and nothing more interesting. For now, though, better get moving so I can get some stuff done before heading to work.

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