09 December 2010

Once Upon a Time...

So, how did I get to this place? Here's the Reader's Digest Condensed Version:
Seventeen years ago, I met a boy. We became friends and, before long I fell in love. He joined the Army, we began a romance through letters and phone calls. Tried dating when he was home. On and off and on and... Didn't work. We parted, kept coming back together, always friends. Finally had a falling out that led to losing touch, presumably for good. Fast-forward. Kurt Vonnegut died and I got an e-mail from the boy. We reconnected. I was in a relationship, he was just out of one. Friends again. Venting, supporting, joking, e-mailing. All good. Fast-forward some more. My relationship ended despite my efforts. The boy was, as always, my Rock, my go-to for a sympathetic ear. We realized we still had feelings for each other. Fell back in Love, got married.
Whew! And that's the super-duper short uncomplicated version!

Now we're living as newlyweds in the suburbs south of Chicago. Lots of adjustments for me - just for starters, I miss the City and my work team in Chicago - but all worth it. We're expecting our first child next June and I couldn't feel luckier!


Erinello said...

I'm so glad you're blogging again! Your wedding pictures were absolutely beautiful, and I really wanted to hear the story behind the wedding. Congratulations on baby Tex! Can't wait to keep reading! Oh, and I LOVE The Phantom Tollbooth. Used to read it with my 6th graders. We'd have a welcome home party for Milo at the end, and I'd make letter-shaped cookies and Jello Jigglers and we'd play word games and stuff. :)

Miss Katharine said...

Guess it's fantastic for me that it dodn't work out when I tried to fix you up with him all those years ago! ;)

The Phantom Tollbooth party sounds fab! When Tex is here for real (and a few years old) we'll re-read it and maybe we'll have our own party!